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The Couch film

The Couch is a modern day sit-in protest where under-heard voices are amplified and heard. A place where every person is met with mercy and understanding. We are hear to listen!

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alabama state university

Featured here are three interviews from The Couch tour in the spring of 2018. These first of many interviews were filmed at Alabama State University. Students were asked an array of questions on the topics of the HBCU experience, race in America and Faith.

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Tuskegee University

The Couch made its way to Tuskegee University, founded by Booker T. Washington. We sat down with many different personalities, three of which are featured here. There is a major need for raw stories. Check out this video and others as we continue to amplify under-heard voices.

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LA Screening Panel

Here is a conversation and Q&A put on by some of The Couch team and other friends about the intersection of racism and faith. Tune in to a dynamic hour facilitated by John Howard, Brad Lachapell, Samuel Rodriguez, Christian Gonzalez Ho, Tyesha Simpson and Sade Balogun. The documentary referenced during this talk you can also find above!

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how do we love across the boundaries we’ve created ourselves?


What does it look like to listen boldly?


The Couch is an object that most are familiar with. It is where we have our most honest, safe and comfortable conversations. It is then a tool we can use to listen. The uprooting of the couch from the living room into a public space is a dramatic statement of “I want to listen you.” You meaning anyone.

brad and john walking couch .jpg

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

-Martin Luther king

Who do you say that I am?

The way we listen, with humility and curiosity, can inspire those we listen to, to discover themselves in ways otherwise unimaginable. "Who do you say that I am" extends from a conversation in history between Jesus the Messiah and Peter one of his disciples. An exchange that empowered Peter to say something that no man taught him. Can the intentional and meaningful questions we ask cause our neighbor to unfold and expand. To recognize more of who they are.

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